Sunday, August 22, 2004

Electric Virgin

Earth imploded, WOANK!
Electric rays and thunder scattered cursed and cursing
“Here is my death” Said God
Agonizing his last resurrection
A man of metal made of hay
Through a jungle of rays and thunder
Living multiplied in 26 dimensions
Ms. Administrator, please!
Don’t you understand, it’s an electrifying love
Voltage loved through 26 dimensions
Ms. Please, administer this case
The case of the Electric Virgin
Before the man of metal dies
A man of metal made of hay
inebriated in flames Dead
Praying with the atheist alphabet
10, 9, 8…
My own faith until the very last 10
Contemplating his own ashes
Within my flame the divine splendorous archives
Dreaming through an ugly infinity
The universal countenance ghastly disfigured
26 dimensions all traitors
Satan dares to ask: “At what time will your soul depart?”
I yelled one thousand maligned responses
Confusing him with more hours than there are days
“When I feel like it I will cut my throat!”
For now I have to burn down the interminable Cathedral
I have to sink a lake
I have to interrupt a volcano
I have to remove the center of the earth
Dispatched today, I have to deny yesterday’s sworn soul
Lost in immaculate calm Satan repeats infernally:
“Please, at what time will your soul depart?”
Depart into the inevitable fall
26 dimensions have dragged me through holy soil
I have too many destructions to complete
There isn’t enough time
And I am overwhelmed with want
May you be blessed by the agonizing God because I am too busy
Before my desires are finished
Before I cease counting down with the atheist alphabet
7, 6, 5
Damn! 5 is my lucky number!

My blood extinguished

Ricardo Correa

Virgen Eléctrica

Se desplomo la tierra, woank!
Rayos y truenos eléctricos corrieron maldiciendo y maldecidos
Aquí esta mi muerte dijo dios
Agonizando su ultima resurrección
Un hombre de metal echo de paja
Corriendo selva de truenos y rayos
Viviendo por 26 dimensiones
Señorita administradora por favor
No entiende usted, es un amor que electriza
Corriente amada por 26 dimensiones
Señorita por favor administre el caso
El caso de la virgen eléctrica
Antes de que se muera el hombre de metal
Hombre de metal echo de paja
Muerto embriagado en llamas
Repitiendo el alfabeto ateo
10, 9, 8...
Mi propia fe asta el ultimo 10
Meditando sus propias cenizas
Entre mi fuego el esplendor divino de archivos
Sueño sobre el feo infinito
El rostro universal rasgado de cicatrices
26 dimisiones traicioneras
Satanás se atreve a preguntarme: a cual hora vuela mi espíritu?
Le grito mil maldecidas respuestas
Confundiendolo con mas horas que hay días
Cuando se me de la gana me cortare el pescuezo
Por ahora tengo que quemar la catedral interminable
Tengo que hundir un lago
Tengo que interrumpir un volcán
Tengo que remover el centro de la tierra
Tengo que negar alma prometida ayer y despedida hoy
Perdido en calma inmaculada infernado repite Satanás
Que por favor a cual hora vuela mi espíritu?
Volar caída inevitable
26 dimensiones ya me arrastraron por el santo suelo
Yo tengo muchas destrucciones que cumplir
Me falta tiempo
Me sobran ganas
Que los bendiga el agonizador dios por que yo no puedo
Antes de que se acaben mis deseos
Antes de que termine yo de contar con el alfabeto ateo
Siete, seis, cinco...
Hay caramba! El 5 es mi buena suerte

Se fundio mi sangre


Too Late My Friends

They come to town drifting in dreams
But bound to their origins
They left the past behind
They have forgotten their mothers
Their half brothers
Their enemy is now their best friend

While under constant construction in the present
They have scrapped and violated every part of themselves
To be only that person that they are
And, never anyone else!

Like their parents insult the future present
They insult the past
Oh, but the future is theirs
They are not that far from it
Cold to pain
Indifferent to their own mad emotions
They come to see me because I make them laugh
Because I make the pain taste like honey
I do not deny them
I was there once myself
By accident,
But there!
I walked away in a running, hurried!
Falling through empty barriers that could not deny my pressing

They left for there yesterday
Their time is not yet done
I saw tears
I saw agonies too deep!
Agonies too late
Oh, but theirs
Theirs is the future!


Que Se Marchite Todo

Que se marchite de la vida lo que se marchita
Que se marchite la noche como marchita al día
Antes de que corra por mis venas
que se marchite la sangre
La sangre que corre por la mente y mata al corazón
Que se marchite el invierno
Antes de que alcance nacer
que se marchite la muerte
Que se marchite el otoño
Pero que se marchite lo que se marchita
Que se marchite todo


Here She Lives Once More

Her name was love
She lived in the forest
With the wild flowers
Absorbing the sky
And wondering the streets at night in search of someone

She created a euphoric atmosphere with the color of her eyes
The soft rime of her skin
And the beauty that was there

No one could naturally touch her
Except the years that went away
She died last Sunday
But her beauty lives again

Here she lives once more
They killed her where she was before
Now she lives
With the light escaping from her breast
The magic reaching from her hair
She lures and makes love
And here we killed her too!

Here she is once more
They killed her where she was before


Karrie Jo Lace

Your music reveals a side of you that you hide
A side of you that God and I love
But we are not allowed to see it unless we complete infinitesimal acts

Fragile gentleness enters every sound
Sensitivity to the geometrical ninth degree
A circle without a center
A circle with infinite endings
That which feels so much must be deprived of feeling

I am bathed in pleasure knowing that there is an infinite you to miss
I think the two ends of a circle always meet
It is the repetition of that meeting that completes an infinite circle
I am not wrong!


Madness makes herself at home

It is a wall that I write on
My genius strikes the chords
Notes hammer themselves into place
…a distance is a balance
…a motion is a curve
...descending is ascending
Vibrations risk resonance - to the wall

Sound figurines moving through thoughts
Thoughts through the past
Always coloring in the moment
…of eternal movements
…facing time
Beauty escapes
Madness makes herself at home


My eyes return my stare

Not far beneath some cumbersome surface
My eyes begun their search
Red, brilliant lights
Swayed by neon white
By rambling sounds
By crumbling melodies
By memories
By the past
By histories
By the plane of farmland faced by dusk.
The winds were blowing now west
The escape becomes the place of escape
Rushed through the door before we see
Back alleys
Dusty closets
Tough slaves
Given to fury
Waiting for those we do not want to meet
Seeking those holding a cigarette with others that they do not want
Hiding emotions a glut of the heart
Cannot tell them that I am different because then we would all be the same
Ghost corridors
Falling into the sword we have in common
My eyes return my stare


Her Affair

Hours and minutes she was late
Working late
I kept company with clock
Her movements now
Preparing for expedient sleep
Exuding all discomfort
There was another smell in our bedroom
Fresh and indecent upon her flesh
Her brevity of expression
Insurmountable by my suspicions
For my quiet awareness
She could not refuse me her fulfilled flesh
Her oozing pores my denouncement
Wetness hours old
I came within her portal feeling no release
Bedroom shadows escorted her into the restroom
Sitting long and solemn on that toilet
Letting both his love
Which she wanted
And mine now graying her ill
Fall into the sea


Elena Andrés

Pase la noche deslumbrado,
Alumbrado por tus pensamientos...
Ellos corrían por mi mente
Persiguiendo a los míos
Que estaban tratando de alcanzarte
En el mas alla...
De aquí.

Tu energía quemo mi noche
Y le quito importancia al sueño,

Yo, tratando de hablar contigo, perdí la necesidad de vivir
Y gane la fe en su lugar.
Eres el primer ser humano que conozco!
Al fin veo donde se esconde la vida,
Porque ella, vive muy adentro, en tu prisión!

Yo lo se.
Lo vi con mis propios ojos
Cuando tu poesía, inundando entraba a desnudar mi corazón -
Con arañasos,
Que rasgaban! Sensualmente! Pedazos! A pedazos!
Y terminaste sin fin!
Amarrándome con tus manos!
Ahorcándome con mis venas!

No te molestaste para pedir permiso o perdón
Tus golpes eran suaves olas,
Que penetraban sin paciencia!

Violentamente me mostraste que existías!
Y viendo yo que no mentías!
Vi que yo también,!

Por eso a ti, no necesito amarte,
Ni querer quererte,
Como santa que eres,
Me resigno a tratar de darte amor como se le da a un dios,
Dejándolo con sed



From this door
escapes the smoke
That touched the light
of a living torch
life burned through its fire
boiling veins of violence
crushed the mold of human flesh
It is not a pity he is now dead
rather a pleasure for his soul
He always loved the agony that cursed his fate
now the door has been locked
the edges have been sealed
the windows have been covered shut
No one to enter and no one to leave
Inside is agony inside is pain
men love to try to break in but they always run out frantically
Soon the earth will dust the place
the flame inside will cease its furor
today we know where pain is staying
tomorrow will have to find her once again


Black as she

She is cold to the touch,
Her eyes freeze me
We are scanning and shivers wash my body
My hands are aching to grab her cheeks
My palms are pouring mass of want
White her cold flesh craves me
Diluted the heat
Dispensing with propensity
Blue glass eye of ice wine
We listen, we smell, we drink, we hear
My neck,
My heart
I repress
My night
My hell
My want
Water droplets
Pouring sky
Black as she


blaring lips

Broth flowing from her darkling essence
Muscles lost to the tedium of desire
Mosque for souls her body
Archers lancing treacherous adventures
Singling out roll call
To save her digestive track
To famish all men once gone her
Intrusion blaring lips
Palm slogging permitted
I swallowed her vagina


Sunday, August 08, 2004

Brian DiCrocco

You lying sack of shit!
Menacing wonder of brutality
You gave me a laugh
But then took flight
Couldn’t hold your place
All silvery pinball balls know more rest
Whizzing away cities
Shark deals with no claws
Scissors ending the curling of your golden hair
Or was it golden?
Were the purple pink hues natural?
Self made heart
Self made head
A riveting appliance
Devouring the establishment
More efficiently than capitalism
No, Mother Nature had no doing in your doing
Acting on tomorrow hitherto
Mortally wounded your own heart
Fragments, no stars remaining to greater glitter than your shine
Craters, no moon more serene than your bullet proof passions
What poets lie for tales your reality
Flashing us bright with your blaring tongue
Fascinated by your electrical puppy dog
Perhaps the only creature that hadn’t fucked you up your black-hole heart
Watching Electro puppy learning his name
Aware of all that he would learn
Still ripening static
Somewhere in the city of the angels
Surprise took you
Ambulance car ride
And left us all to answer every call

I needed some time to kiss you



I wish not to die before kissing your skull
And kissing your bones
And not to die
Without following the painful curvature of your spine with my tongue

Not to die before smoking your ecstasy
Fallen pieces of this heart
Sinking into the deep Mediterranean
Into pipes and tubes and holes
Into winds and snows

Forbidden knowledge
That you will deny me,
Kisses that you are never going to give me,


Frida The Xray Diva

Instantly I could relate to this woman, instantly I wanted to kiss her, her colors, her vivid madness, her pain, the hopelessness of the basket dropping or retrieving life from Frida the xray diva;

And her fish, the primordial smell of life, she was raped by her surroundings and now Frida was raping her surroundings; and the nails and the nails and the more nails, and this husband thing so dominant and yet at her heels by comparison; and what about her flesh, what about her heart that had robbed itself a thousand times, a thousand nights,

Pumps running liquids trough every one of her souls, a thousand lives was she; here was the coldest meanest stare one could give reality and yet to deliver the blow in carnival gala, I needed to love her right away, I, imagined us, at each-others necks - drawing blood so that she could get more reds, more reds and more reds; it was like kissing a mountain that has no trees and no vegetation, lost are my lips, their flesh scraped here and there throughout Frida’s carnivorous body, I love her now, chained to her blister paradise, always


Too Gutless To Love

Thou does not have the guts to love
For thou has not endure love enough to endure not weeping.
In thy embraces always fear
In thy heart always longing
Thy breath always quivering

Oh thou does not have the guts to love
For thy mornings ring with lust for happiness
For thy nights are safe with angels
For thy furor is only drama
and thy temper material

The courage not to weep
The courage to love faltering within thee
Thy heart reading love poems for love
Thy passions fantasies
Eyes that do not see red
Eyes that do not see fire
Too gutless to love or not to weep!



Wet wild dreams of sleep with vagrant imagination you have thought to destroy my bastard nature. I have brought you to the country which is near to the father that this bastard could never have. Here where the conquistadors first boiled their sperm, pierced the egg and denuded the myth to conquer my people. Sperm which destroyed theirs and my purity. Wretched they, our memory fails to remind theirs of the mothers, then virgins that they raped. But nature branded them on that day that they saw land, land, with the perfidious bodies of criminals which now have grown egos only equal to god’s. They may not remember but their sight alone is a pneumonic echo for us to relive the wars our bodies surrendered but our souls never lost.

Their children now conquerors claiming progenitor’s privilege though as then their steel swords are buried words of distinction recited with Don Quijote’s bravado, always in the end better conquerors in their homeland. Their valiant knight dead even when he was alive a dream of victories. Now their golden culture falls sleep before the free hand of progress and please, no more singing at the bars, no more sleepless plazas, no more flamenco just to dance. Yes dear dreams I have brought you here where the royal cipher is to see, where our old world roots first cashed in jewels, a place that now increases like winter the less of everyday. A people that once stole our sol and gave us a false god which fails our simplest scrutiny, and hides unlike our unabashed Sol. Iberian funnel made of Spaniards who delivered our pot of gold to Anglo Saxon greed.

We must abandon them to perform their agonizing eulogies and return with the wisdom that we did not need to be conquered, more it was that they needed to conquer and we concurred. Winds and oceans cease all motion, jumping rabbits dying histories, ruins as altars nourishment for egos dying with quotations for last gasps. Incessant classic plaza parades of gun powder’s victory over our arrows, fought for a god of gold and a church with a convict for a pope, glorious celebrations where wind mills were vast armies; El Toro, Toro is lavished with warrior spirit Ole, Ole, and with valiant gallantry butchered, make your own monsters and then save yourself; fear, what skeletons guard with the strictest of decorum, part of them is me, doomed ghost of the mannequin empire which survives ever indebted to the echo!

Closing at 100

Windshield sun,
Magic drops in my soul
Break like pellets
Blood everywhere
Mules pull the chariots
Black on black
Distilled liquor discharges throughout my body
Broken dishes everywhere
Veins collapsing, water running,
Fish days
Old folk cursing in my nostrils
Beggars bath free endear me
Red lights always stop me
Yellow lights always haunt me
Traffic cops with every mile
Squealing breaks
Pressed further by the distance
Closing at 100


I Swim To Thee

Oceans brown blue and red
Ships, turning shifting, moving, iron,
Sunsets closing living dramas

Birds of prey dive into thy waters,
Poisonous dark waters,
Pools of ice

Sands indistinguishable from dirt
Hearts indistinguishable from sands
Clouds like pillows,
Pillows releasing thundering blistering rains,
Musical notes darting through the air,
Notes of ocean roars
Breaking rocks like a chain gang,
Chains and ropes

My bleeding hands cleansed by oceanic foam,
Mermaids calling me,
I swim to thee


Psychological Incest

Spent a couple of summers there
And two winters,
Almost three
My time against a ruler
Warm loving people, without a judgmental bone in their pontificating bodies
Neutral sorts,
With warm greetings excreting decency
Humbled by nature
Honorable and self aging

Godless worshippers
Spoke of the work ethic as if it were a novelty
They discovered bland but edible food
Conservative progressives masquerading as liberals
Feverishly loyal to acquaintance
Practiced carnal ignorance
Carnal incest, forbidden!
Psychological incest practiced with promiscuity...

More of the same!
In love with themselves
Never with each other!
Psychological incest kept them warm through introverted winters
Never needing to look in a mirror to see themselves,
They thought all foreigners interesting,
They import variety for sport.


I happened upon the moon today!

I saw it for the first time and what a pleasant sight indeed. It was however a very dark and cloudy night and so you might wonder how I dare say that I saw the moon without fear of being thought a mad man. But you see the clouds, though many, and I make no attempt to deny this, the clouds, were so high that the moon was underneath them and therefore unimpeded to my vision.

Having gotten kind of drunk from this moon that had faces, dreams, witches and fears, I went to a near bar, hid from the breeze and took a liking to a serious dose of vodka.

Now drunk indeed, I have reason to believe that the particular position of the moon in relationship to the earth and to me, was not all proper! As if the breeze I hid from was somehow guilty of blowing the course of the moon and even of the wind, redirecting its course up and down, backwards and forward on its ecliptic orbit.

I worried! Bit my hangnails while searching for a song, a melody about the moon. A song that might tell me of its true position, what its true appearance might be, if stars were hiding behind it, something of a memory, but no mnemonic or demonic voices came to mind.

I drank more of the liquid!

Searched in vain for something more to pick or byte from my fingers, from their flesh. the moon, I knew was outside waiting, like dead bodies wait for dreams or worms... waiting indefinitely.

The liquid. The night. The liquid. Serenity entering the bar through doors and windows. The night was now in the bar, sitting on stools, with liquid playing for the eighth ball, intruding, disturbing the jukebox, the moon, the moon had to be close behind!

The sun was hiding from the night like a Vampire from the day. Some bar warming imbeciles stared at me, eyes bulging red in liquor, ferociously moist whiskers, seriously smiling, I crashed my glass into the bar, the wind blew the curtain out! The moon peeked in! Intensely blinding me with flashing burning light, which I knew, though could not prove it was stolen from the sun! Fake reflection! My heart in hand I rushed out through that door into the blinding night and into the arms of a crushing moon!


The Bridge

Over a lazy bridge
Seeing below
Flowers white, yellow, green resting against supports
Rats, meaning well, crawling through its holes
Day by night

Cracks crawling like rats
Only staying
Being ignored
Reaching like varicose veins to display them selves
Night by day

Bridge uniting splits
Bringing too
Antagonizing ends
Tall in splendor
Through immensity hiding from the bombardier
Day by day

Mystery there be none
There to pass
There to cross
Made to jump
Night by night


The Black Coat With Three Crystals

Sharon Regan

The first, is a metaphor of the fire that you kindle in others
The second, a demented background formula for changing everything with a glance while seeming uncertain of being responsible for the action.
The third, a mirror that your adversaries confront.

The first, has caused many to gently blaze with passion
The second, has made us want to please you
The third, has led us to doubt our conviction of anything we know about you

Fire, one of the four elements
Will, a woman’s prerogative
Reflections, what is outside becomes the silhouette of what is within

Always a murmur
Equanimity within the chaos
We gravitate to fulfill the void

All of us
But only you remain!


And loan me your deniables

In the silence that you speak
I ear incessant approbation
Your coldness warms me
Your indifference over bearing
Your safe heart forgot its own combination
Parading your iron and steel sensibilities
So sweet to see your fright
So wonderful to feel your incessant inaugurations of impossibility
Your gorgeous auburn curly hair always in bondage
You must be a chef?
A nurse?
But your fashionable attire betray your office space
And the dark sunglasses spare your stare from shy Sun
So pulverized your mindful guidance
And loan me your deniables
And loan me your deniables


Electrical Temptations

Electrical storm charges onward
Curls my adoration
Slender silhouette resisting electrical temptations
Attracting every volt
Charging every discharge
Reign raining upon our storm
Alluring brightness reigns restraining
Lips destroying with desire
Her ass ending all geometry
The entire sun will have to go around her
Her arms unleashing melting sweltering
Pits of snow her heart tugs
Icebergs her leg attractions
Ripening vagina
Blossoming pores of my vulgarity
Electrical storm charges onward
No casualties to report


Water droplets, torrents dropping

The war of the heart has taken yet another casualty so many souls dead, so many hearts laid to rest against the coils of finality. A reality that takes every intrusion and avoids no agony. Here is a puddle of pain, here is a puddle of tears, step on it and like a land mine off it goes penetrating every blood vessel, like sand into a pit, like spiders licking their victims to cozy them into a stupor.

Once you are in this quandary a hospice is no longer cheap to anywhere stay, everywhere there is a toll, everywhere the darkness lurks and appears soon as it sees the light to mutilate joy, to destroy fear by securing anguish, by hugging one as a lover, only it is pain.

And why I a soldier, why I must bare it all, an eternity spent here, at the hospital, in the hurt of her wound, killing every sexual organ, destroying every attraction, only to love the hurt, only to seek to leave them all, to abandon every desire, no, to end all other desire, to fake all attraction, to destroy every sexual organ.

After walking away from another dying soldier, a soldier somewhat kind and some what weak, I stormed into a palace in full armor, full of empty amor. I demanded a bath, I was led into the bathhouse, where gold and marble were abundant. I entered deep into blue waters, cleansing my body of all the killings so that I could start afresh to kill again.

Then a step, then another, away from the warmth of the water and into the arms of satin sheets that soon rendered me into a deep of sleep. There with the satin I remember eating fruits, fruits that canned food had made alien, fruits that my mouth could no longer taste, for the mud and the leeches, that had found refuge in me from the reddish river current, had numbed the palate into sleep or yet another death of death’s of many deaths.

In my sleep I saw the sky of day, the lucent brilliant sky that smoke from the many fires raging, some raging to save me from my enemy, some burning to burn me like my enemy, fires hidden day. We used the fire to assist us in making more victims and in sending more signals, warning signals that were significant more for their ability to disappear sun and appear us.

In my sleep under the satin sheets I saw her just as if she were before me, there in the warmth of the bath, in our bed, in our arms her secrets. Her eyes radiant, her smile, her smile made me cry from joy. I reached to touch her supplicating flesh, but my hand was not disturbed, I reached further to reach her but my fingers awakened to a crawling cockroach. I awoke more and more in raging madness and slaughtered the guard and jaguar that had been my host but for a day.

My eyes reddish, cheekbones clenching skull flesh, eyeballs piercing every corner, running through this majestic palace, architectural harbor for the pain and wonder, I hunting again, to destroy this self, this love and lover, or to destroy the world. The world!

After much destruction, releasing souls everywhere I went, fuming their extinction, roasting guts and stones, to keep alive, to stay awake, to ring the drums, to kick the mass, to extinguish the eternal flame. Water droplets, torrents dropping, failing waterfalls. I walked for weeks and months and years, and the desert only grew.

It all takes time I told myself, there is an end, there is an end! And with my fist I applauded the ferocity of my will, with my fist I clenched and choked the lizard, the serpent, and the piano. I don’t know what a piano is but I with fist keep playing her.

And why my dear the flames drew near, each more and more my twin, each more and more my bed mate, and more and more my dying breath.


love has found all hunger

Where thou are not now bound
Where can thou move thy fragile essence?
Where no harness has tied thee
Where no mountain stands between
Where no mild mannered temperament holds thee hostage
Where are thou to move?
What is thy to see?
What can thou believe when all faith has been cast out to sea?
Where the corners of thy eyes see all around
Where are thee to hide?
Where no longer night is black
Where thy shadow grows more vivid
Where thy love has found all hunger
Where is thy gift?
Where is thy gift?


Delicious Sin

You are a delicious sin
it is purely diabolic to dream of you
I yearn for night to perpetrate you
a silent crime against another
and another
and still I long to sin you
you awaken and my soul pilgrimages to purgatory
while I osculate your deliciousness
I tell my deus to absolve me
with concealed irises
peering through his fingers
offering salivary compliance
When I dispose my flesh in your tunic
It is not my soul
It is not my heart
It is my desire that has sinned
Penitentiary and asylum I belong in both
You are so delicious Sin
And I deserve you
and all the dominoes indiscretion ends in hell
to be with you
forever fall
Delicious Sin


Former Lover

Thou has thy history towards me
Where I bridge thy heart to another
Where thy joy has our forgotten sorrow
Where my kisses felt the salt of all your tears
Where our embrace suffocated the loneliness brought to thee by death
Thy excursion coming to its full
Where I am now embracing my soul in remembrance
Sinking into our vacant ship
Where wails sing your wedding
Where thy womb harbors not mine
Where I was just a bridging


Mosque for souls

Broth flowing from her darkling essence
Muscles lost to the tedium of desire
Mosque for souls her body
Archers lancing treacherous adventures
Singling out roll call
To save her digestive track
To famish all men once gone her
Intrusion blaring lips
Palm slogging permitted
I swallowed her vagina


Tiffany Huang

Cubicle cellmates victims of productivity; I recall first seeing Beautiful dance as danced her rhythms with her splendor… affray sagacious witticism, splattering eyes dispersing novelties through our soothing flowering friendship… boundless comedies of arcane familiarities, cubicle showdowns of linguistic rivalry; Laughing our heavenly and phantasmal allusions, Beautiful teaching that it did not matter idiom spoken for all is written just the same; folklore tales of her island home, Where she is a religion praying, sanctifying painting, I holding in my praying hands the sanctuary granted by her artistic friendship, blossoming and sprinklings spirits, nurtured by earth kisses, always willing to endure in life so that I may sustain our memories.

Petunias, Roses, Violets, Orchids, Her piano fingers molesting the patience of piano tears, can we get enough melodies by grasping for our spiritual self? Can we not reach into tomorrow’s peaceful blessedness? She will return to her Taiwan, we will all miss her never able to replenish the sanctuary granted to us by her humble immensity. Earth kisses, rain drops bleeding her absence, to emerge from the ruins of our childhood, all be born someday in a different world is the promising worship… enough boats to ferry us all to our gathering… enough suns to last our infinities… inseparable distances!



I feel her passage,
She is entering bowels of air
Tumbling miseries through the ether,
Gracing them with blessings

Souls glimpsing her with envy
Souls profusely wishing being born again mortals
To gaze with earthy eyes her grace, her essence

There she is my dear dressing the sky with her brilliant flare
Her pearls expurgating agonies
Disparaging despairs
Mangling dangling madness
Not a fear to tear or root to rot
Fright scared away and suffering praying to survive
Agony evolving ecstasy so as to touch her sumptuous oily joy

In the firmament this Tango is now the splendor
But come Tuesday she will glide to earth and skip from oceans
Entering my blessed city and my anxious heart
And my anxious palms
And my anxious fleshy sweat

Damn the dilating hours
Damn dimension
Now I thank mother for me birth
Soul and heart and lips
Bones and flesh and blood

Blinding beauty frightens me
But tonight I will gouge my brown and green eyes out
And come Tuesday all my love will be for her alone
Every hour to be blindly by her side
To let these bleeding holes pour wine into our glass

Love transfusion
taking place please wait…
Soul transfusion
taking place please wait…
And let the blood that bleeds only from the soul tell all
That no love is here left for them
That our swinging Tango has stolen all!


My best beloved Rosa,

We are at last married by the tango
St. Antonio gave his blessing at the church of Near Far where you are atheist
Rosa sumptuous oily splendor
at once supplicating calm and pandemonium
arrogantly threatening to leave orbit
I clenched thee back, and yet it is I that you consider violent
There lover I have your hand,
Lover I have thy palm
thrown thee into the stars and spirals
I arc to be pure solid on our bed of fire

Lamenting about my rectitude quiz in hand you sing
My ears denuded to the cosmic wind from thy lips
My nostrils flare to catch thee velocity
I glow dark to diminish fear of thy rays
My betraying smile threatening red petals in thy reaching swing
My kissing lips armed while thy fingers reach for the atomic trigger
Rosa at my edge escaping and at my center pivoting
Rosa tango dancer
Flower and tango lover
!! I am suppose to lead!!


Snow kisses

Snow kisses on ocean beach
So strange not to desire suicide
Even as my aging condemns me to its inevitability
Yet each day closer to the grave
I feel more joined to the immensity of life
Aware that all those that I love will bless my farewell
Aware that all things that are and will be
Will be more because of me