Sunday, August 08, 2004

Brian DiCrocco

You lying sack of shit!
Menacing wonder of brutality
You gave me a laugh
But then took flight
Couldn’t hold your place
All silvery pinball balls know more rest
Whizzing away cities
Shark deals with no claws
Scissors ending the curling of your golden hair
Or was it golden?
Were the purple pink hues natural?
Self made heart
Self made head
A riveting appliance
Devouring the establishment
More efficiently than capitalism
No, Mother Nature had no doing in your doing
Acting on tomorrow hitherto
Mortally wounded your own heart
Fragments, no stars remaining to greater glitter than your shine
Craters, no moon more serene than your bullet proof passions
What poets lie for tales your reality
Flashing us bright with your blaring tongue
Fascinated by your electrical puppy dog
Perhaps the only creature that hadn’t fucked you up your black-hole heart
Watching Electro puppy learning his name
Aware of all that he would learn
Still ripening static
Somewhere in the city of the angels
Surprise took you
Ambulance car ride
And left us all to answer every call

I needed some time to kiss you