Sunday, August 22, 2004

Too Late My Friends

They come to town drifting in dreams
But bound to their origins
They left the past behind
They have forgotten their mothers
Their half brothers
Their enemy is now their best friend

While under constant construction in the present
They have scrapped and violated every part of themselves
To be only that person that they are
And, never anyone else!

Like their parents insult the future present
They insult the past
Oh, but the future is theirs
They are not that far from it
Cold to pain
Indifferent to their own mad emotions
They come to see me because I make them laugh
Because I make the pain taste like honey
I do not deny them
I was there once myself
By accident,
But there!
I walked away in a running, hurried!
Falling through empty barriers that could not deny my pressing

They left for there yesterday
Their time is not yet done
I saw tears
I saw agonies too deep!
Agonies too late
Oh, but theirs
Theirs is the future!