Sunday, August 08, 2004

My best beloved Rosa,

We are at last married by the tango
St. Antonio gave his blessing at the church of Near Far where you are atheist
Rosa sumptuous oily splendor
at once supplicating calm and pandemonium
arrogantly threatening to leave orbit
I clenched thee back, and yet it is I that you consider violent
There lover I have your hand,
Lover I have thy palm
thrown thee into the stars and spirals
I arc to be pure solid on our bed of fire

Lamenting about my rectitude quiz in hand you sing
My ears denuded to the cosmic wind from thy lips
My nostrils flare to catch thee velocity
I glow dark to diminish fear of thy rays
My betraying smile threatening red petals in thy reaching swing
My kissing lips armed while thy fingers reach for the atomic trigger
Rosa at my edge escaping and at my center pivoting
Rosa tango dancer
Flower and tango lover
!! I am suppose to lead!!