Sunday, August 08, 2004


I feel her passage,
She is entering bowels of air
Tumbling miseries through the ether,
Gracing them with blessings

Souls glimpsing her with envy
Souls profusely wishing being born again mortals
To gaze with earthy eyes her grace, her essence

There she is my dear dressing the sky with her brilliant flare
Her pearls expurgating agonies
Disparaging despairs
Mangling dangling madness
Not a fear to tear or root to rot
Fright scared away and suffering praying to survive
Agony evolving ecstasy so as to touch her sumptuous oily joy

In the firmament this Tango is now the splendor
But come Tuesday she will glide to earth and skip from oceans
Entering my blessed city and my anxious heart
And my anxious palms
And my anxious fleshy sweat

Damn the dilating hours
Damn dimension
Now I thank mother for me birth
Soul and heart and lips
Bones and flesh and blood

Blinding beauty frightens me
But tonight I will gouge my brown and green eyes out
And come Tuesday all my love will be for her alone
Every hour to be blindly by her side
To let these bleeding holes pour wine into our glass

Love transfusion
taking place please wait…
Soul transfusion
taking place please wait…
And let the blood that bleeds only from the soul tell all
That no love is here left for them
That our swinging Tango has stolen all!