Sunday, August 22, 2004

Electric Virgin

Earth imploded, WOANK!
Electric rays and thunder scattered cursed and cursing
“Here is my death” Said God
Agonizing his last resurrection
A man of metal made of hay
Through a jungle of rays and thunder
Living multiplied in 26 dimensions
Ms. Administrator, please!
Don’t you understand, it’s an electrifying love
Voltage loved through 26 dimensions
Ms. Please, administer this case
The case of the Electric Virgin
Before the man of metal dies
A man of metal made of hay
inebriated in flames Dead
Praying with the atheist alphabet
10, 9, 8…
My own faith until the very last 10
Contemplating his own ashes
Within my flame the divine splendorous archives
Dreaming through an ugly infinity
The universal countenance ghastly disfigured
26 dimensions all traitors
Satan dares to ask: “At what time will your soul depart?”
I yelled one thousand maligned responses
Confusing him with more hours than there are days
“When I feel like it I will cut my throat!”
For now I have to burn down the interminable Cathedral
I have to sink a lake
I have to interrupt a volcano
I have to remove the center of the earth
Dispatched today, I have to deny yesterday’s sworn soul
Lost in immaculate calm Satan repeats infernally:
“Please, at what time will your soul depart?”
Depart into the inevitable fall
26 dimensions have dragged me through holy soil
I have too many destructions to complete
There isn’t enough time
And I am overwhelmed with want
May you be blessed by the agonizing God because I am too busy
Before my desires are finished
Before I cease counting down with the atheist alphabet
7, 6, 5
Damn! 5 is my lucky number!

My blood extinguished

Ricardo Correa