Sunday, August 08, 2004

Psychological Incest

Spent a couple of summers there
And two winters,
Almost three
My time against a ruler
Warm loving people, without a judgmental bone in their pontificating bodies
Neutral sorts,
With warm greetings excreting decency
Humbled by nature
Honorable and self aging

Godless worshippers
Spoke of the work ethic as if it were a novelty
They discovered bland but edible food
Conservative progressives masquerading as liberals
Feverishly loyal to acquaintance
Practiced carnal ignorance
Carnal incest, forbidden!
Psychological incest practiced with promiscuity...

More of the same!
In love with themselves
Never with each other!
Psychological incest kept them warm through introverted winters
Never needing to look in a mirror to see themselves,
They thought all foreigners interesting,
They import variety for sport.