Sunday, August 08, 2004

Tiffany Huang

Cubicle cellmates victims of productivity; I recall first seeing Beautiful dance as danced her rhythms with her splendor… affray sagacious witticism, splattering eyes dispersing novelties through our soothing flowering friendship… boundless comedies of arcane familiarities, cubicle showdowns of linguistic rivalry; Laughing our heavenly and phantasmal allusions, Beautiful teaching that it did not matter idiom spoken for all is written just the same; folklore tales of her island home, Where she is a religion praying, sanctifying painting, I holding in my praying hands the sanctuary granted by her artistic friendship, blossoming and sprinklings spirits, nurtured by earth kisses, always willing to endure in life so that I may sustain our memories.

Petunias, Roses, Violets, Orchids, Her piano fingers molesting the patience of piano tears, can we get enough melodies by grasping for our spiritual self? Can we not reach into tomorrow’s peaceful blessedness? She will return to her Taiwan, we will all miss her never able to replenish the sanctuary granted to us by her humble immensity. Earth kisses, rain drops bleeding her absence, to emerge from the ruins of our childhood, all be born someday in a different world is the promising worship… enough boats to ferry us all to our gathering… enough suns to last our infinities… inseparable distances!