Sunday, August 08, 2004

Frida The Xray Diva

Instantly I could relate to this woman, instantly I wanted to kiss her, her colors, her vivid madness, her pain, the hopelessness of the basket dropping or retrieving life from Frida the xray diva;

And her fish, the primordial smell of life, she was raped by her surroundings and now Frida was raping her surroundings; and the nails and the nails and the more nails, and this husband thing so dominant and yet at her heels by comparison; and what about her flesh, what about her heart that had robbed itself a thousand times, a thousand nights,

Pumps running liquids trough every one of her souls, a thousand lives was she; here was the coldest meanest stare one could give reality and yet to deliver the blow in carnival gala, I needed to love her right away, I, imagined us, at each-others necks - drawing blood so that she could get more reds, more reds and more reds; it was like kissing a mountain that has no trees and no vegetation, lost are my lips, their flesh scraped here and there throughout Frida’s carnivorous body, I love her now, chained to her blister paradise, always